PsorEcze Skin Cream

My Testimony

I have had problems with my skin as long as I can remember because I was born with Eczema a skin disease, I thought I was the only person that had this issue for years with the dry, itchy, flaky, patchy, and red rash that is very uncomfortable to deal with. For years I had to be very careful of what I could encounter so the Eczema wouldn't flare up, and this would go on for years until I became an adult. I was also born with asthma and did not know if the allergies that I have was causing the Eczema to flare up. I struggled with this issue my hold life until I could find a way to get this under control. My solution at the time was taking a hot bath, then using lotion or Vaseline to keep my skin moist. I would only wear cotton clothes because other material would make my skin irritated. This would go on for years even when I moved my family to California. I lived in San Diego, I love the heat but, afraid of direct sun. I had a fear of getting skin cancer because of my skin issues.

I encountered a major, horrible incident one day that would help me come up with PsorEcze Skin Cream. It all happened on a very hot day in the month of December visiting Tijuana, Mexico across the border from San Diego, CA. I snuck over the border with a friend to do some shopping for Christmas because didn't want my husband to know where I was going to purchase his gifts.  I was in Tijuana, I needed to find something to drink stuck my hand in some dirty water to get the bottle Pepsi out of the cooler the soda was in, same cooler that everyone else had been sticking their filthy hands in. Later, about 20 minutes that afternoon I was not feeling well, my face started tingling, tight, burning, and itchy, a very painful situation. I had already started getting bumps on my face. So, I headed home to wash my hands and face. The next morning the left side of my face was covered with blisters from my eyes to my neck. It also causes the Eczema in my body to flare up! It got so bad that I had to go to the Hospital for treatment.


 PsorEcze SKIN CREAM (Idea)

While I was in the hospital receiving treatment for my skin condition, the doctors tried using various skin products and meds to help, but nothing seemed to work for a long period of time. I had not slept in days, up all night itching & scratching due to this irritated skin condition I would need a miracle for my skin to look normal. That's when I decided to come up with my own Skin Cream (PsorEcze). The doctors were amazed that I had come up with my own cream with just with regular items from over the counter to moisturize my skin and take away the dryness. Just a little bit goes a long way and lasted a very long time.

PsorEcze, it helped me, now let me help you!

Eden Jemison

This cream is the only product I use on my face. Besides soap and water, this is all I need. It hydrates my skin, leaving it soft all day. I’m glad I don’t have to use several skin care products to achieve dewy, acne free skin. This is the only cream I’ve used for over 7 years and my skin is happy.